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Social Running

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

The healthy body we fuel nutritionally is designed for movement. What a waste it would be to have a healthy diet and not enjoy the vitality it brings to your body! I crave movement, and I challenge my moving body through running.

One of the top reasons I run is for the friendships. Whether it's a long road or trail run on Saturday morning with AREC or a short track workout Tuesday evening with Team Runners High, the camaraderie adds so much more to the endorphins I get from running. There are so many long runs I would have cut shorter had I not been with friends that were keeping me going. My paces are always faster at the track when I have someone to try to keep up with. And having friends to run trails with has saved me countless times from getting lost! We all experience amazing endorphins when we run together, and it's such a joy to simultaneously be nourishing our souls with our friendships.

If you live in the Long Beach area, visit AREC and Team Runners High for a great workout with friendly runners!

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