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Initial Nutrition Consultation

90 min  $150

If you're ready for a fresh start...this is where to begin! In this comprehensive session we will discuss your current terrain on your health journey and make meaningful goals with practical objectives to begin achieving them. We will discuss your current nutrition habits, your medical history, and your lifestyle. To maximize our time together, you can complete a confidential form prior to our appointment so that we can dive right into building a framework of healthy nutrition that meets YOUR needs!

Taking Picture of Food

Follow-up Nutrition Counseling

60 min  $100

Work one-on-one with me to achieve your goals! If you're ready for a fresh start, this is where the rubber meets the road, as we work together on specific short-term goals, building knowledge and habits to ensure long-term success! Our time together is tailored to your agenda and enables you to gain practical tools and advanced understanding not only of nutrition science but also yourself, as nutrition is always a key part of your quality of life. Make yours the best!

Family Cooking

Family Nutrition Counseling

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Making nutrition changes often involves the whole family. In this time with your big family or with just a partner, being on the same page with your goals is important for success. It is also a valuable time to make changes together! We may discuss grocery shopping, cooking, and packing meals, with ideas that work uniquely for your family. In addition to family goals, we may also discuss each of your individual goals related to nutrition, fitness, and other lifestyle changes you want to make to be the healthiest you!

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